As a group, design a children’s chair using rotary tube bending as the main manufacturing method. This project was designed along side Jakob Robinson-Hoffman and Samantha Astles.

chair origami

The shape of the frame working in conjunction with the wrapping canvas sheet was made to preserve the idea of tension. The canvas weaves in and around the frame much like origami folds and keeps the system taut and secure while bearing weight.


This chair was made using a combination of skills shared within our group: rotary tube bending, MIG welding, upholstery sewing, and metal shop work.

ideation concepts

To fit the projects primary requirement, we tried to explore forms that would really accentuate the use of tube bending in its construction.


Once we had a base design for the chair and measurements, we made a basic mock-up to then consult with our shop technician. He helped us ensure our design was feasible for manufacturing and that we had a solid plan for constructing the chair in the shops.

fabrication process

Sharing work between the three of us, we worked in the metal and soft lab to fabricate the chair. I was responsible for drafting measurements for the tubing, sewing, and attaching the canvas upholstery, and took part in milling and bending sections of the tube.

continuous lines

The focus of this project was to utilise tube bending as a manufacturing technique and to do that, we wanted to emphasize the continuous lines that could be made from it. We wrapped canvas over the frame to draw the eye towards the lines and how they flow around canvas.

final design concept: Ü

The final design for our chair consists of a C1010 cold rolled, welded steel frame ideal for weldability and blemishing free tube bending with connector plugs for alignment at joints.

The canvas upholstery wraps as a continuous piece of material across the seat and back of the chair to create tension around the tubing and hold the user.

My Teammates (from left to right): Samantha Astles, Our beautiful chair, Selena Chau, Jakob Robinson-Hoffmann