Design an LED lighting solution that is capable of serving more than one function in a transformative way.

reimagining ambient light

I wanted to look at the ways ambient light could be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Ambient light is always diffused to spread over the widest area possible. Inspired by this quality, I wanted to take this quality and create a solution that could softly light a wide spread of space both inside and outside the home environment.

ideation concepts

This concept started with a basic incandescent light bulb. I wanted to recreate the simplicity of the bulb while utilizing LED components and a more diffused output. I then started elongating the shape to increase the area of light.

early prototypes

I made several low fidelity mock ups to look at the design in a more tangible and realistic way. These models helped gauge for size and were used in the user testing phase.

interviews + testing

To properly test the physical form and function of my design iterations, I went through rounds of user testing with my ‘works-like’ early prototypes to gather data on size, grip, shape, brightness, and general usability.

physical prototypes

I made a high-fidelity mock-up of the final design fabricated using milled, acrylic tubing, turned RenShape foam, and 3D printed sections. The electrical components were drawn out and wired for the model as well.

simple form

Torch is a modern reinterpretation on one of the oldest forms of light. Using the hollow shell to reflect and spread the light source, the profile remains simple and unobtrusive.

Diffuse lighting

LED lighting is directional and emits light in a specific path. To produce a diffuse and wide spread of light, the light source is reflected of the inner hollow shell so that light can bounce off and spread softly.

Inductive charging

The circuit system is comprised of two parts split between base and the light itself. The two systems connect via contact charging coil and sustains power with an internal battery. A potentiometer switch at the base of the handle is used to turn Torch on and off when on the base or disengaged.

final design concept: Torch

Torch is a reinvention of ambient light for the modern house. Its static state in the home is on a charging wall mount to brighten corridors and hallways. Its dynamic state is removed from the mount and used as a handheld light source.

More than an exercise in practicality or utility, this was a project to understand the transformable nature of products and how that can be utilized in the design process.