Travel and movement are part of a growing lifestyle in modern day, create a hard-shell luggage design to fit within this market.

how can we make bags more physically accessible?

Rifling through layers of possessions and digging through backpacks is a tedious and messy task. While protecting its contents, bags should also allow for the easiest access to it. I summarized my findings into 5 keys points from which to design.

The carrying space should be compact for ease of movement in both air and land travel.

Baggage should provide easy accessibility to valuable items and documentation.

Overall dimensions should fit within FAA standard requirements for streamlining air travel.

Carrying capacity should be suited for single or multi-day journeys.

Contents should be secure from theft and safe from damage.

ideation concepts

I wanted to explore the idea of using a skeletal frame for this bag. Inspired by the way limb braces wrap and support the body, I wanted to use this as a departure point for Denali. The physical form and colour is meant to maximize space and visibility.

Denali features

overhead access

An overhead zipper flap is used to allow top-side access and help compact its contents.

back compartment

A flat compartment is used on the backside of the bag to keep important documents and valuables accessible but still secure.

front panels

The sliding front panels are intended for ease of access to all sections of the bag and the orange colour is meant for high visibility.

fabrication process

The wooden frame was made by dividing the shape into smaller cut sections and biscuit joinery. The polyethylene front panels were vacuum formed from a cut male mould. The bag pattern was drawn out and cut from a vinyl upholstery fabric.

final design concept: denali

Denali is a hard-shell multi-day pack design for the cross-country traveler. It has a lightweight exoskeletal frame to provide structure for the main cavity, a back compartment for easy but safe access to important documents and valuables, and an overall aesthetic intended for adventure.